SPLANDEK UL is a three part,self-smoothing, solvent free, epoxy underlay system designed to provide aflat and level surface to lay epoxy floor coating andtoppings.



The self-levelling epoxy underlay shall be SPLANDEK UL, solvent-free, 3 -component system consisting of specially graded fillers to provide the toughness. The system shall consist of solvent-free primer and topping.It is designed for 1-2.5 mm thick application. The cured material produces a dense, coloured, matt surface, and exhibits excellent bond with the prepared substrate and with the topping. Overall the system shall be able to offer tough underlay.




  • SPLANDEK UL provides an economical method of levelling floors prior to laying epoxy toppings or coatings.
  • It is applied on uneven floor surface prior to application of chemical and wear resistant toppings.
  • Loading/unloading bays.
  • Warehouses, store rooms, Manufacturing & packing areas.
  • Tool rooms, workshops and service stations.
  • Equipment stores and auxiliary areas.


  • Provides a flat and level surface.
  • Seamless, Quick & easy to lay.
  • Excellent bond with substrate and toppings.