SPLANDEK 309 is a two component, self-leveling, polymer modified cementitious underlay system designed to provide minimum 5 mm. & maximum 15 mm. flat and level surface to lay epoxy floor coating or other toppings. SPLANDEK 309 is a rapid hardening self-leveling, two component cementitious underlay. SPLANDEK 309 has been formulated to achieve a smooth flat surface with ease of application and maximum flow without any shrinkage or cracking.



  • Underlayment for floor coverings such as carpet, ceramic tiles, vinyl, parquetry etc.
  • Fast repairs of uneven concrete floors.
  • Residential, commercial and medium industrial application.
  • New construction and refurbishment projects.
  • Flat smooth surfaces over existing concrete slabs.
  • Leveling existing uneven concrete floors.
  • New construction and refurbishment projects.


  • Accepts foot traffic in 12 hours.
  • Reinstating large areas in relative short time periods.
  • Very fast application, dimensionally stable.
  • Installation can be carried out in a single application.
  • Rapid curing & can be applied directly onto prepared concrete surfaces.
  • Eliminates the need for sand and cement screeds.
  • Floor covering may be applied next day.