SPLANDEK 225 is aSingle component, moisture curing, Polyurethane wall coat for clean rooms.



The non-toxic, single component, PU wall coating shall be SPLANDEK 225.It is a moisture curing, potable grade, protective coating for walls in interiors. The product shall be formulated to provide smooth, fungus resistant surface. The product shall be self-priming type, damp tolerant and shall free from VOC. This coating cures by atmospheric moisture to form an easily cleanable, aesthetically pleasantfinishing. The product shall be designed to be applied in two coats to achieve a dry film thickness (DFT) of 100microns.



  • Used on interior walls of rooms where maintaining hygienic / clean environment is critical.
  • Hospitals – wards, operation theatres, intensive care units, autopsy rooms, morgues, etc.
  • Wafer fabrication plants, Thermal power plants.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage facilities.
  • Food processing, storage and packing facilities, Abattoirs and fish processing areas.
  • Electronic component manufacturing and assembly areas.


  • Single component, self priming; hence easy for application.
  • Resistant to algae and fungus growth.
  • Chemical / water resistance.
  • Washable, VOC free.
  • Available in selective range of colours.