SMARTSIL 185 is a single component, Polyurethane based, UV resistance, flexible,waterproofing membrane for all types of concrete structures, roofs, balconies,terraces, etc. A single component, polyurethane based, UV resistance, waterproofing membrane shall be SMARTSIL 801. It is a highly flexible crack bridging material. SMARTSIL 801 having elongation >450% when tested ASTM D 2240 & having tensile strength 3 N/mm2 when tested ASTM D 638. This material is in the liquid form.



  •  It is suitable for waterproofing of any concrete structures.
  •  It can be used as waterproofing membrane for roof slabs, balconies, terraces, planter boxes, wet areas etc.


  • Crack bridging.
  • Seamless coating.
  • Highly flexible, good tensile strength.
  • Ready to use, easy for application & repairable.
  • Bitumen & Tar free.
  • Excellent weathering & UV properties.
  • Root penetration resistance.
  • It having very good adhesion to most construction materials especially concrete.
  • Remains elastic over a wide range of temperature i.e. -20°C to +80°C.