SMARTSIL 222 is a solvent free; white pigmented membrane forming wax emulsion, suitable for curing newly placed or freshly de-shuttered concrete, assists in the retention of water during hydration.



The liquid membrane forming curing compound shall be SMARTSIL 222, water based, wax based,white pigmented formulation free of any solvents. SMARTSIL 222 incorporates a white pigment which at recommended coverage rates gives adaylight reflectance value of 60-80%. This permits a high curing efficiency to be maintained even inconditions of intense ambient light.The resultant film retains sufficient moisture in the concrete to ensure full hydration of the cement;essential for optimum strength development. Membrane cured concrete is typically harder andexhibits a dust free surface with a reduced incidence of drying shrinkage cracks.




  • More effective and economical alternative to hessian and water and polythene curing
  • Suitable for use on all concrete surfaces.
  • It is not recommended for applications where subsequent renders, toppings or coatings are to be applied or on coloured concrete
  • surfaces.


  • Prevents rapid water evaporation, Hence improves moisture retention in concrete
  • Single application, Reduced labour costs
  • Promotes a harder dust free surface
  • Reduces drying shrinkage
  • Reduces the incidence of hairline cracks
  • Cured film is white, water repellent and Solar reflective
  • High curing efficiency
  • Water based – user friendly