SMARTSIL 195 is Hydro-swelling water-bar for joints. It is suitable for the permanent sealing of construction joints in concrete structures.



All construction joints shall be installed with SMARTSIL 195, 20mm x 10mm & 20mm x 05 mm cross-sectional sized hydro-swelling water bar based on advance vinyl-acrylate polymers, composite that acts by undergoing reversible swelling on exposure to water to form an effective seal. The water-bar shall be formulated to exhibit low pre-mature swelling (less than 50% within 12 hours) and shall not be based on super absorbents. The water bar shall have low swelling pressure; not exceeding 0.25 MPa at full swelling capacity.



  • Any kind of Construction joints.
  • Water-tanks & water retaining structures.
  • The abutments of concrete and rock, masonry, etc.
  • The rafts and walls in tunnels and basements.
  • Steel and concrete pipes, precast elements, etc.


  • Swells in contact with water by up to 150%, effectively seals the joint.
  • Effective even in salt water or brackish water.
  • Elastomeric, keeps swelling and reverting to original volume throughout the life of
  • SMARTSIL 195 water bar has been approved for drinking water installations.
  • Resistant to wide range of chemicals.
  • Water molecules held by molecular attraction not by vacuum.
  • Controlled swelling – does not affect concrete.
  • Does not generate foam or gas with water.
  • Prevents water ingress even when the joint width varies.