SMARTSIL 185 is single component hydro-swellingmastic in paste form. It is suitable for the permanentsealing of construction joints in concrete structures.



All the irregular and accidental construction joints shall be made watertight using SMARTSIL185,hydro-swelling polymeric paste. The paste shall beformulated to exhibit low premature swelling (less than 50% within 12 hours) and shall not release super absorbents during its service life. The re swelling paste shall have low swelling pressure; not exceeding 0.25 MPa at full swelling capacity.



  •  Any kind of Construction joints.


  • Smple use, SMARTSIL 185 swelling paste is supplied in ready to use cartridges.
  • High swelling capacity in contact with water.
  • Highly resistant to chemicals and saline liquids (see chemical resistance table).
  • Good adhesion to dry and moist surfaces (concrete, steel and plastics).
  • Reversible swelling process.
  • Hardening prior to concreting is min. 24 hours.
  • The swelling paste should be protected against premature swelling.
  • When concreting, take care to ensure that the expanding paste is fully covered by concrete.