SMARTSIL 124 is a single component,acrylic polymer based, highly flexible, crack sealer compound for all type of non-structural cracks.



A single component, acrylic polymer based crack sealing compound shall be SMARTSIL 124. It is a highly flexible crack filling material suited for effectively sealing cracks developed in plaster whether internal or external. This material is in the paste form.





  • It is suitable for repairing cracks developed in the internal & external plaster.
  • This paste is highly useful in waterproofing applications around door & window frames & around bath tub, wash basin etc.
  • It is useful in sealing cracks in the sealing & at the junctions of brick work & column or beams.


  • Good adhesion, no need of bonding agent.
  • Single component hence no need of mixing.
  • Highly flexible, good tensile strength.
  • Ready to use, easy for application.