SMARTSIL 1234 is a two-component, non-toxic, epoxy resin system, consists of pigmented base and a hardener,specifically formulated to protect concrete and steel. On mixing it yields a high build, anti-corrosive, chemical resistant protective coating, which cures to a semi glossy, ultra-dense surface that is easily cleaned, hygienic and safe for contact withfoodstuff and potable water.


The non-toxic, high build, anti-corrosive epoxy coating shall be SMARTSIL 1234, solvent-less, taint free potable grade, protective coating. The product shall exhibit excellent bond strength with the substrate at least exceeding 1.5 MPa, when tested as per ASTM D4541. The product shall be formulated to have high build thickness exceeding 200 microns per coat on average and shall be applied to achieve overall thickness of 200 microns in two coats



  • Coating for drinking water reservoirs.
  • Meat processing, food industries & breweries.
  • Chemicals storage tanks, sumps.
  • Oil refineries, Dairies & grain silos.
  • Clean rooms in pharmaceutical facilities.
  • Pulp and paper plants.
  • As a gas and vapour barrier coating to concrete and metal surfaces.
  • As protective coating in paper mills, power stations, garages, hospitals, hangars, etc.


  • High chemical resistance.
  • Non-toxic & non-tainting, hence safe for drinking water.
  • Impermeable – vapour barrier for low RH areas.
  • Solvent free – Virtually no odour, Zero VOC.
  • High build coating – tough & durable.
  • Resistant to mould growth & abrasion.
  • Hard surface – Easy to clean.