SMARTSIL 104 is a transparent, UV resistant, waterproof coating for terrace& natural stones.



The waterproofing system for slab shall be SMARTSIL 104, a single component, elastomeric, crack-bridging, and acrylic coating applied in three coats. The product must be crack-bridging high elongation type with elongation at break, exceeding 1000%.




  • Terrace areas with and without china chips.
  • Protective coating for natural stone


  • Highly flexible with high tensile strength
  • Transparent coat and hence maintains the beauty of china chips
  • Excellent adhesion to the china chips
  • Provides good abrasion resistance
  • Provides excellent waterproofing properties
  • High crack bridging ability up to 1 mm
  • Excellent penetration in the substrate due to very low particle size to fill the pores completely
  • Excellent resistance against UV, Infrared rays and algal and fungal growth
  • Easy in application- can be applied by brush, roller or spray. “Do-it-Yourself”
  • Eco-friendly due to very low V.O.C. (volatile organic components)