SMARTSIL 1015 is a two component, advanced water dispersed epoxy resin coating, which on application over walls, ceilings and floors cures to form a durable, protective and easily maintainable coating, even when exposed to high foot or rubber wheeled traffic. SMARTSIL 1015 is available in gray colour, Other colours are also available on request.



The high-build, water based epoxy coating shall be SMARTSIL 1015, two-component, water dispersed epoxy formulation. The product shall be of high-solids, not less than 75% by volume. The product shall be applied at 150 microns dry film thickness in two-three coats. The product shall exhibit adhesive bond strength to concrete of 1.5 MPa minimum, when tested to ASTM D4541 test method.



  • Wall and floor coating in food industries.
  • To protect concrete, timber, steel and asphalt surfaces.
  • It can be successfully applied to damp concrete surfaces.
  • Wall coating in pharmaceuticals and other clean room areas.
  • As a curing cum protective coating to fresh concrete or cement screed.
  • Protection coating to precast tunnel segments.
  • As a protective and easily cleanable coating to drinking water tanks.
  • Road tunnel wall coating to improve the visibility conditions and to facilitate easy
  • Floor coating for foot and rubber wheeled traffic areas.


  • Water emulsified – Does not taint foodstuff.
  • Breathable – prevents build up of vapour pressure behind the coating and resist blistering.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Non flammable.
  • Good bond to dense surfaces.