RIPSTAR LAMINATE is a ready to use carbon fibre laminate that provides a high tensile strength and is excellent for supplemental flexural reinforcement of concrete and wood elements with RIPSTAR FRPLAMINATE System.




  • To reinforce structures with strong elements in tension, RIPSTAR LAMINATE enables the traditional technique of plating with steel plates to be replaced with extremely light materials that are easy to install.
  • Increase the load bearing capacity & the fatigue strength.
  • Reduce deformation to the working loads (increase in rigidity)
  • Limit or cover the cracking states (increase in durability)


  • Enables the amount of reinforcement to be calculated and placed in relation to the performance required or the stress flow.
  • Enables less and faster maintenance, thereby reducing costs
  • Increases the durability of the structures by protecting it against the aggressive action of chlorides and freezing and thawing cycles.