RIPSTAR FIBRE is a high performance monofilament polypropylene fibre developed as a crack

controlling additive for concrete and mortar.



Concrete shall be manufactured using crack controlling additive such as RIPSTAR FIBRE, a polypropylene fibre with an individual fibre length of 12mm and thickness of 18 microns. RIPSTAR FIBRE is supplied agglomerated in flakes bound by a water soluble adhesive, contained within a water soluble bag to ease dispensing.



  • RIPSTAR FIBRE is used to inhibit the formation of small cracks which can occur through plastic shrinkage and settlement, premature drying and early thermal changes, in order to provide utilisation of the intrinsic properties of the hardened cementitous material.
  • Specifically designed for crack control in cementitious materials covering areas such as ready-mix concrete, precast concrete, conventional shotcrete, screeds rendering mortars, etc.
  • Principle uses of fibre concrete include: concrete slabs, pavements, driveways, imprinted concrete, curbs, pipes, overlays patch repair, micro silica concrete, thin section walling, water retaining structures, marine concrete, heavy industrial floors etc.


  • Inhibits intrinsic cracking in concrete.
  • Disperse uniformly throughout the mix.
  • Improves finishing characteristics.
  • Can replace anti-crack wire mesh in factory and warehouse floors.
  • Improves concrete durability.
  • Increases impact and abrasion resistance.
  • Reduced risk of subsequent damage.
  • Impervious to alkali attack.
  • Decreases construction time and labour.