RIPSTARBT9 is a ready to use, fast setting, general purpose instant bitumen based road repair mortar. It is specially used for permanent repair of potholes, cracks & depressions of the roads.



A single component,bitumen based repair mortar shall be RIPSTAR BT9. It iscomposed of a fully graded hard stone aggregate material, fine aggregate, formulated bitumen contents and special additives, has excellent bonding, low permeability, rapid repair time, high strength, fast setting, easy to use and cost effective, open to traffic in short time, freeze thaw durability, used for permanent repair to spelled and damaged surface. It is ideally designed to withstand extreme temperatures and heavy traffic conditions. RIPSTAR BT9 incorporates speciality additives that impart unique performance properties to the mixture. The test results exceed the requirements of MoRTH, 4th Revision, 2001, Table-500-37 specifications



  • Repairing of Potholes, cracks & depressions of the roads.
  • Utility cuts, & Ruttings.
  • Repairing in rigid pavements.


  • No need of plant & machinery on site.
  • Very fast setting, hence reducing the traffic hold up time.
  • Offer no sticking/picking-up of material by vehicle tyres.
  • Highly stable at high pavement temperatures.
  • All-weather usage product.
  • No pretreatment of repair areas is required i.e. cutting out, use of tack coat.
  • Highly resistant to stripping by water, offer high skid resistance.
  • Offer increased service life of the repaired potholes.
  • No heating or mixing or additions to the product before or after application.
  • Requires simple equipment such as hand brushes, shovel and a rammer.