RIPSTAR 255 is a highly reactive, two component polyurethane based injection foam system.



A two component, PU, Foam Injection shall be RIPSTAR 255. It is based on Methylene Diphenyliso-cyanate polyurethane pre- polymer & accelerator. The system only reacts when it comes in contact with water, producing relatively stiff & inert polyurathane foam. It is a 100% solid & solvent free polyurethane grout for quick temporary closing & sealing of water bearing cracks, cavities and leaks under hydrostatic pressure.



  • Water stop system for running water in crack & honeycomb concrete, Concrete joints.
  • Drinking water tanks & reservoirs.
  • Waste water tank, Sewers, manholes.
  • Dams & canals, Tunnels, Pipe intrusions.
  • Brick / stone masonry.
  • Stabilization of fractured rock, sands and gravels and land-fill materials.


  • When in contact with water, the product forms rigid foam (Hydrophobic). Without the presence of water, the product also reacts and forms a stiff, rubberlike material
  • Bonds strongly to dry & wet concrete, bricks & stones.
  • It is safe & suitable for drinking water contact.
  • It is 100% solid & solvent free hence shrinkage free & non-toxic grout.
  • Very low viscosity benefits penetration into hairline cracks.
  • Fast reaction with water and reaction completed within a short period of time.