RIPSTAR 155 is a two-component, low viscosity epoxy resin based crack injection system, with long mixed pot life designed for sealing cracks in concrete and restoring its structural integrity.



The two-component epoxy injection resin shall be RIPSTAR 155, low viscosity resin system having viscosity less than 350 cps at ambient temperatures. The injection resin shall be high strength and shalldevelop compressive strength in excess of 55 MPa at1 day & 65 MPa at 7 days. The product shall exceed 55 MPa in flexural strength at 7 days and shall exceed 15 MPa in slant sheer bond strength. The product shall have minimum pot life of 30 minutes at ambient temperatures. The injection resin shall comply with ASTM C881, Type 1 & 4, Grade 1, Class B &C. The injection resin must have pass rating for shrinkage testas per ASTM C881 and shall be impermeable



  • Stabilised cracks in structural elements.
  • Cold joints between subsequent pours of concrete.
  • Gap behind the steel plate & concrete for plate Bonding.
  • Unfilled voids behind tiles, stone facades.


  • High elastic modulus ensures effective transfer of stresses at bond interface.
  • Low viscosity – effective penetration of even 0.1 mm cracks.
  • Excellent bond strength restores structural integrity.
  • Long pot life enables single line pumping.
  • Resistance to creep even at high service temperatures.
  • Pre proportioned to give consistent performance.
  • High HDT helps sustaining repair effectiveness even at high service temperature.