RIPSTAR 142 is SBR polymer based medium range cement modifier for site batched system.


The polymer modifier shall be RIPSTAR 142, Styrene-Butadiene co-polymer latex liquid, produced from styrene and butadiene by high pressure emulsion polymerization. The product shall have minimum butadiene content of 40% by weight. The polymer shall be capable of being used as bonding agent and shall have pull-off bond strength not less than 1 MPa.




  • Concrete repair: Spalled concrete, repairing floors, beams and pre-cast slabs.
  • Floor screeds and toppings: Abrasion resistant and non-dusting floors.
  • External rendering: Waterproof, weatherproof and frost resistant render.
  • Waterproofing and tanking: Basements, lift pits, inspection pits, water towers, liquid tanks, effluent tanks and swimming pools.
  • Other typical applications: Bedding tiles, fixing slip bricks.


  • Improved flexibility.
  • Prevents bleeding.
  • Lower water-cement ratio.
  • High resistance to water penetration.
  • Good abrasion resistance.
  • Excellent adhesion to a variety of building materials.
  • Similar thermal expansion and modulus properties to concrete.
  • Non-toxic. Can be used with potable water.