RIPSTAR 137 is a high range acrylic polymer based cement modifier for site batched system.


The polymer modifier shall be RIPSTAR 137, modified acrylic based. The product shall have minimum solidsof 45%. The polymer shall be capable of being used as bonding agent and shall have pull-off bond strength not less than 1 MPa.





  • Use as waterproofing coating
  • Polymer modifier for patch repair mortars.
  • Bonding repair mortar to substrate.
  • As curing compound for repair mortars.



  • Improves the workability of cement mixes.
  • Enhances tensile and flexural strengths.
  • Reduces permeability & corrosion.
  • Excellent penetration. Stronger bond.
  • Makes cementitious systems waterproof.
  • Does not re-emulsify in contact with water.
  • Improves wear and abrasion resistance.
  • Non-toxic: suitable for use in potable water tanks.