JONTSIL 455 is Epoxy resin based grouting system forpaviours, ceramic tiles, stone tiles, mosaics and acid resistant tiles in medium and heavy duty corrosive and hygienic environments. JONTSIL 455 is available in selective RAL shades.



Epoxy resin based tile joint grout shall be JONTSIL 455 having excellent mechanical propertiesand shall exceed compressive strength of 70 MPa,flexural strength of 25 MPa and tensile strength of 9 MPaat 7 days and shall have adhesive bond strengthexceeding 1.5 MPa when tested to ASTM D4541method to concrete substrate. The formulation must be water miscible to avoid stains on the tiles and easycleaning.



  • Indoor and outdoor use.
  • Laboratories, Kitchens and catering facilities.
  • Swimming pools and leisure facilities.
  • Showers, Artificial water bodies and hot springs.
  • Joints in Vitrified tiles.
  • Sewerage plant & sewer lines.
  • Heavy duty workshops, garages and servicesfacilities.
  • Bottling plants and breweries.
  • Food production: meat, fish, vegetable and fruitprocessing, canning areas, dairies and bakeries.
  • Electrical substations and plant rooms.


  • Resistant to chemicals, many acids, lyes, greaseand oil.
  • Water miscible formula - Stain free finish
  • Water impermeable and water vapour barrier,protects moisture-sensitive substrates from water.
  • Crack-free curing and setting without shrinking, veryhigh adhesion to tiles and substrate.
  • Resistant to frost and weathering, multi-purpose useindoor and outdoor.
  • Workable and easy to apply, Available in range of RAL shades.