JONTSIL 1125is a two-component, high performance, elastomeric polysulphide joint sealant.



JONTSIL 1125 is a two componentpolysulphide sealant, consisting of a polysulphide polymer with selected additives and a curing agent, which when mixed homogeneously cure to a tough, durable, flexible rubber like material with strong adhesion to common construction materials. JONTSIL 1125 has outstanding resistance to deterioration due to weathering, ozone, ultra-violet light and attack by chemicals present in industrial atmospheres. It has ability to withstand repeated cycles of compression and extension over a wide temperature range, and has excellent adhesion properties to concrete work. JONTSIL 1125 is available in pouring grade(PG) and gun grade(GG) for sealing horizontal and vertical joints where movement is expected. It is ideal for use in expansion joints in reinforced concrete structures.

JONTSIL 1125 Compliance with the following Standards.

  • IS:12118
  • BS 4254
  • BS 5212
  • ASTM C 920




  • Residential and commercial buildings.
  • Curtain walls, precast concrete panelling.
  • Factories and warehouses.
  • Dams, reservoirs and water treatment plants.
  • Subways, bridges, culverts and rigid pavements




  • Resistant to UV and weathering – durable in exposed conditions.
  • High movement accommodation.
  • Tough and flexible – withstands traffic.
  • Excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates.