DUROCON 6648 is a three component, High strength, Epoxy resin base grout.It is formulated to grout static and dynamic equipment’s that require a very high effective bearing area. It hasnegligible shrinkage makes it ideal for installing critically aligned machinery within very close tolerances.



The rapid-curing, high flow, filler-extended epoxy resin grout shall be DUROCON 6648. The grout shall exhibit high early strengths by exceeding compressive strength of 60MPa at 1 day and 100 MPa at 7 days; shall exceed flexure strength of 25 MPa at 7 days. The formulation shall be of 100% solid and free of solvents.



  • New and old machine base plates.
  • Crane and transporter rails.
  • Base of pumps, compressors; milling and papermaking machines.
  • Equipment where chemical and acid spillageoccurs.
  • Structural filling of holes and cavities in concrete.
  • Industrial equipment and machinery subject tostatic or dynamic forces.


  •  Excellent adhesion to steel and concrete.
  •  High tensile, flexural and compressive strength.
  •  No priming required.
  •  High flow characteristics.
  •  High resistance to dynamic loads and chemical attack.
  •  Long pot-life.
  •  Rapid installation and strength gain.