DUROCON 650is a non – shrink, high strength, free flow, cementitious grout.


The shrinkage-compensated, cementitious grout shall be DUROCON 650, hydraulic-cement based free flow, high strength grout. The grout shall have compressive strength minimum of 55 MPa at 7 day and 65 MPa at 28 days; flexural strength minimum of 9 MPa at 28 days. The grout must exhibit positive volumetric expansion in plastic stage, based on gaseous expansion system. Grout must be flowable at 0.16 w/c ratio and shall have fresh wet density in excess of 2200 Kg/m3. The grout must be accredited by reputed testing institute for dynamic load resistance test of 2 million cycles with no sign of cracking or strength loss.




  • Structural columns, Machinery bases, Bearing plates.
  • Pump and equipment bases, Rail posts, Seating bolts.
  • Power-line stanchions, Food and chemical plants.
  • General new construction, Turbines & compressors.


  • High early strength and final strength.
  • Chloride free, Consistent performance.
  • Optimum contact with laod bearing areas.
  • One component – Mixes easily with water.
  • Dimensionally stable.
  • Dry pack to pourable consistency – versatile.
  • Non – efflorescing – may be painted or coated.