DUROCON 515 is cement based medium range ready mixed mortar for all type of light weight blocks (AAC/CLC).


DUROCON 515 is high quality cement based medium range ready mixed mortar for masonry building applications, optimum for the adhesion of all type of light weight blocks (AAC/CLC). It contains cement, silica sand and special polymers. It has strong adhesive characteristics on all substrates. It can be applied for interior and exterior use on horizontal and vertical surfaces. While applying, the thickness of the joints should not exceed 10 millimeters (Easily obtained by using specific Trowels).



  • Laying and jointing of masonry units like fly ash bricks, concrete blocks, hollow blocks, AAC/CLC block etc.
  • Jointing of pre-stressed concrete slabs and panels.
  • Jointing of cement-concrete floor tiles.


  • Higher compressive and shear strength.
  • Acting as a thermal barrier for joint, thus enhancing the thermal insulation and fire resistance properties.
  • Eliminating material waste.
  • Increasing productivity onsite.
  • Exact mixing ratios (scales and weighing process) with controlled mixing method.
  • Economic, fast and easy to use (mix & apply), only addition of water is required.
  • Excellent bonding, crack free, high resistance to water and extreme weather conditions.
  • It is suitable for dry and wet areas, internally and externally.
  • Non shrinkage mortar.