DUROCON 49 is a high strength, Shrinkage compensated, Fibre reinforced, Thixotropic, Cementitious grout.



DUROCON 49 repair mortar is a one-component thixotropic, shrinkage-compensated, fibrereinforced formulation for structural concrete repairs. DUROCON 49 can be applied vertically or overhead by low-pressure wet-spraying or hand trowelling. DUROCON 49 is reinforced with specially designed bean shaped, alkali resistant polypropylenefibres for exceptional resistance to cracking. The repair mortar shall not require polymer bonding agent as primer and shall be thixotropic consistency, capable of applying 50mm thick in single layer.



  • DUROCON 49 is recommended for repair situations requiring application of mortar up to 50mm thickness in one layer.
  • Extensive repairs to beams, columns and other structural elements.
  • Repair of structural members subjected to repetitive loading.
  • Repairs to industrial structures


  • One component – only addition of water.
  • Dual shrinkage compensated.
  • Quality controlled – Uniform, predictable results.
  • Impermeable to aggressive elements.
  • No additional bonding agent required.
  • Sprayable, Virtually no rebound.