ADDMIX 690 is a ready to use, anti washout admixture specially developed for concrete placed underwater.



The Anti-washout admixture shall be ADDMIX 690, a ready to use liquid formulation. The product shall have average relative density of 1.05 at 25˚C.



  • ADDMIX 690 is recommended for use in all types of concrete pumped or placed underwater, where thixotropic properties are desired.
  • It is especially helpful in extreme conditions where conventional concrete or placing techniques would result in high percentage of material loss due to washout.
  • It is particularly useful in mortar and grouting applications where mixes are typically more fluid and have higher potential for washout.


  •  It produces a concrete mixture highly resistant to washout, while maintaining workability, pumpability, and placeability.
  • Minimal to no effect on water demand.
  • Reduces concrete bleeding, & pumping pressure.
  • Slump characteristics equal to untreated concrete.
  • Virtually eliminates segregation, even with highly fluid, high water-cement ratio mixes.
  • Thixotropic action provides stiffening after concrete is placed.
  • Minimises environmental impact of cement washout in water.
  • Minimal to no effect on set time