SPC offers a comprehensive range of concrete repair and remediation products, meeting and exceeding industry standards.

SPC is active in repairing all types of concrete structures and protecting them from the further actions of corrosive elements which affect the reinforcing steel.  We can therefore guide our customers through the process of diagnosis, repair and protection with a harmonized solution to provide long term durability. Specialist contractors using SPC repair mortars, corrosion management, protective coatings and strengthening systems can not only repair damage but prolong the life of the structure for many years beyond its design life.

Whether the problem is new build defects, age related deterioration and everything in between, SPC’s Technical know-how and remedial solutions deliver value way above industry standards.

SPC offer a complete range of repair and remedial solution.

  • Cost effective, project specific solutions
  • Extensive product portfolio
  • Easily applied systems
  • Proven technologies ensuring long term performance
  • Expert technical support and customer services