SPC offers one of the most comprehensive range of Adhesive products, manufactured to the highest quality standards backed by state-of-the-art automatic machinery for tiling & structural grade concrete bonding purposes covers:

  • Segmental bridge construction & general purpose concrete structural grade bonding with epoxy based adhesives
  • General purpose concrete adhesives and concrete/mortar modifiers based on acrylic emulsion and SBR as bonding agent
  • Tiling adhesive and grout products based on polymer modified cement and epoxy.


Whether fixing ceramic tiles or natural stones indoors or outdoors, or tiling to residential and commercial projects, or large infrastructure concrete bonding or even underwater fixing then SPC is the manufacturer of choice assisting you with expert technical support and guidance in selecting the correct adhesive solution to meet your specific needs.

SPC adhesives can be found in many infrastructures, commercial and residential projects providing compatible high performance solutions lasting for many years.

In addition, SPC’s range includes self-leveling underlay products for tiling applications in commercial, residential and industrial projects.

SPC can assist you to achieve the best adhesive solution for your project;

  • Cost effective project specific solutions
  • Extensive product portfolio choice
  • Easily applied systems
  • Proven technologies ensuring long term durability
  • Specification assistance
  • Expert technical support and customer service
  • Underlay leveling portfolio for tiling solutions

m durability

  • World class brands
  • Specification assistance
  • Expert technical advice and customer service
  • Complementary underlay leveling portfolio for tiling solutions