The modern business world has been evolving so rapidly to witness a global surge for competition, strategic planning, investment in technology, and coping with world-wide economic development projects. Modern-day advancements have been realized in all ways of life which added extra challenges to manufacturers, industrialists, and traders to meet those challenges with integrated solutions based on High-Technology applications.

The world of home comfort has been largely affected by advancement in construction works and home appliances, design, and decoration. For example, chemicals, paints and coating, pigments, additives etc, have thrived to usher the need for more innovations and vogues to cope with the increasing volume of construction works.

Since its foundation in 2005, ‘SPC’ Constructional Chemicals has pioneered the virtually unexplored constructional chemical industry in India, serving as a comprehensive constructional company by contributing to the establishment of an affluent life for humanity through the steady development of higher technologies that enable us to provide our customers with the products and services they love and trust.

Our company has played a pivotal role in the development of the key industries of India for more than 10 years based on single-minded determination, creative thinking, and burning passion. With our customers’ abiding faith and trust in us, we put customer value before everything else and make environmental stewardship and safety our very first priority to fulfill our responsibilities as a first-class company that works for humanity’s well-being and future value by pursuing mutual prosperity of the nation and society. As a manufacturer of constructional chemical products materials, we are putting all our energies into the production of the best products, placing customer trust above all else.

Based on competences accumulated for over 10 years, SPC, with its clear goal of becoming “India’s Best Construction Chemical Company” by 2018, will concentrate on increasing its global competitiveness by strongly pushing ahead new growth business while intensively fostering high value-added business and strengthening existing business.  All executives and employees pledge to use our abilities in building an affluent and promising future.


Mr. Shrinivas Patil