The polyester resin grout/mortar shall be DUROCON 100, a two-component, fast-setting, highstrength, ready to use formulation. The product shall exhibit fast-setting with high early strength gains and shall be minimum 20 MPa in compressive strength with in 3 hours and shall have adhesion to concrete in excess of 2 MPa at 7 days when tested as per ASTM Read More


ADDMIX 200 is ready to use liquid accelerating admixture for use in concrete and portland cement. This admixture brings down setting times in general and specially under cold weather, leading to early high and ultimate increased strengths. In addition, it reduces bleed and segregation while improves workability. ADDMIX 200 does not contain any added chloride ions ensuring that the Read More


Epoxy resin based tile joint grout shall be JONTSIL 455 having excellent mechanical properties and shall exceed compressive strength of 70 MPa, flexural strength of 25 MPa and tensile strength of 9 MPa at 7 days and shall have adhesive bond strength exceeding 1.5 MPa when tested to ASTM D4541 method to concrete substrate. The formulation must be water miscible Read More


The two-component epoxy injection resin shall be RIPSTAR 155, low viscosity resin system having viscosity less than 350 cps at ambient temperatures. The injection resin shall be high strength and shall develop compressive strength in excess of 55 MPa at 1 day & 65 MPa at 7 days. The product shall exceed 55 MPa in flexural strength at 7 Read More