SMARTSIL 185 is single component hydro-swelling mastic in paste form. It is suitable for the permanent sealing of construction joints in concrete structures. All the irregular and accidental construction joints shall be made watertight using SMARTSIL185, hydro-swelling polymeric paste. The paste shall be formulated to exhibit low premature swelling (less than 50% within 12 hours) and shall not release super absorbents during its service life. The re swelling paste shall have low swelling pressure; not exceeding 0.25 MPa at full swelling capacity.



  •  Any kind of Construction joints.


  • Smple use, SMARTSIL 185 swelling paste is supplied in ready to use cartridges.
  • High swelling capacity in contact with water.
  • Highly resistant to chemicals and saline liquids (see chemical resistance table).
  • Good adhesion to dry and moist surfaces (concrete, steel and plastics).
  • Reversible swelling process.
  • Hardening prior to concreting is min. 24 hours.
  • The swelling paste should be protected against premature swelling.
  • When concreting, take care to ensure that the expanding paste is fully covered by concrete.