RIPSTAR 2513 is a two component epoxy bonding agent for concrete to concrete. The structural grade bonding agent shall be RIPSTAR 2513, a two component, solvent less epoxy resin based. The Bonding agent shall exhibit minimum open time of 6 hours and shall exceed the tensile strength of concrete in terms of its adhesive bond strength. It tolerates a degree of moisture before and during curing. The ultimate bond strength is greater than the tensile strength of concrete. RIPSTAR 2513 does not shrink and provides an even and stress-free bond.



  • It is recommended for bonding fresh concrete to set concrete.
  • As a repair mortar to concrete or mortar.


  •  High bond strength.
  •  Resistant to chemical attack.
  •  Sufficient time to apply the overlay.
  •  Moisture tolerant.
  •  Supplied in pre – weighed units.
  •  Effective transfer of stresses at bond line.
  •  Effective barrier to migration of chlorides.