RIPSTAR 122 is a three component, High strength, non-flow, epoxy system which when mixed yields a non slumping, fast curing bedding compound and adhesive. The high strength non-sag epoxy compound shall be RIPSTAR 122, complying with ASTM C881 Type I, Grade 3, Class B & C. It shall be formulated to achieve adhesive bond strength with concrete substrate exceeding the inheriting tensile strength of concrete substrate; with compressive strength in excess of 60 MPa at 7 days.

RIPSTAR 122 has excellent chemical resistance to the following :

most aqueous systems, sewage, urine, sea water, diluted and concentrated alkalis, diluted acids,
sulphur gases, mineral, vegetable and animal oils and fats, ammonia and formaldehyde.



  • For surface repairs of fine cracks and spalls.
  • For gap filling, grouting, bedding fixtures etc.
  • For repairs without the use of form work.

Typical applications include 

  • Fixing of surface ports for crack injection.
  • Bedding bridge beams or steel bridge bearings.
  • Repairing surface defects on concrete in horizontal, vertical or overhead situations.
  • Securing bolts into walls and Dowel bars anchoring.
  • Bedding tiles.
  • As a gap filling adhesive.
  • Repairing concrete posts in-situ.


  • High bond strength.
  • Non-sag (up to 5m).
  • Impact resistant
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Supplied in pre-weighed units.
  • Non shrink.
  • No bonding agent or primer required.
  • Trowels to a smooth finish.
  • Easy to use.