DUROCON 250 is a high grade, ready to use, premixed, dry shake, non-metallic, floor hardener. DUROCON 250 is recommended for application as a dry shake over freshly floated concrete floors to obtain a monolithic floor with enhanced abrasion resistance. Tests results show that DUROCON 250 significantly reduces the depth of wear. The non-metallic, dry-shake floor hardener shall be DUROCON 250, pre-mixed powder containing selective hard aggregates having hardness 9 on moh’s scale. The product shall enhance surface abrasion resistance and shall not exceed wear of 0.25 mg/cycle when tested to ASTM C501, H22 wheel.



  •  Where superior abrasion resistance is desired to minimise dusting and maintenance, but not exposed to serious chemical attack.
  •  Mechanical workshops.
  •  Aircraft hangars.
  •  Basements and cellars.
  •  Garage for light vehicles.
  •  Storage rooms, Corridors and halls.
  •  Loading platforms & Parking areas.


  •  Enables abrasion resistant, hard wearing surface.
  •  Non metallic – do not rust.
  •  Easy to use.
  •  Most economical to use.
  •  Available in selected range of colours.