ADDMIX 389 is a high-performance super plasticiser based on poly-carboxylic ether (PCE) for concrete. The product has been primarily developed for applications in high performance concrete where the high early strength & highest durability and performance is required. The hyperplasticiser shall be ADDMIX 389, high range water reducing, Superplasticiser based on polycarboxylic ether formulation. The product shall comply with ASTM C494 Type F and shall be free of lignosulphonates, naphthalene salts and melamine formaldehyde when subjected to IR Spectra. The product shall have specific gravity of 1.1 & solid contents not less than 40% by weight.



  •  High performance concrete for durability.
  •  Production of Rheodynamic concrete.
  •  High early and ultimate strength concrete.
  •  High workability without segregation or bleeding.
  •  Concrete containing pozzolans such as microsilica, GGBFS, PFA including high volume fly ash concrete.
  •  Precast & Pre-stressed concrete.


  •  Increase in early & ultimate strengths.
  •  Elimination of vibration and reduced labour cost in placing.
  •  High modulus of elasticity.
  •  Improved adhesion to reinforcing and stressing steel.
  •  Reduced shrinkage and creep.
  •  Better resistance to carbonation and other aggressive atmospheric conditions.
  •  Lower permeability – increased durability