ADDMIX 200 is a Non-Chloride hardening accelerator admixture for fast setting concrete and is suitable for precast manufacturers. ADDMIX 200 is ready to use liquid accelerating admixture for use in concrete and portland cement. This admixture brings down setting times in general and specially under cold weather, leading to early high and ultimate increased strengths. In addition, it reduces bleed and segregation while improves workability. ADDMIX 200 does not contain any added chloride ions
ensuring that the product does not contribute to the corrosion of reinforcing steel.



  •  Cold weather concreting.
  •  Precast/ Prestressed concrete production.
  •  Concrete pavement repairs.
  •  Repairs of the industrial floors.
  •  Early de-stripping in cold weather.
  •  Repairs of concrete slabs and flat members.


  •  High Early strengths – Early de-shuttering.
  •  Reduced segregation.
  •  Faster setting times – accelerated construction during cold climates.
  •  Facilitates concreting even below 5oC.
  •  Early stiffening – Quicker finishing operations.